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birthdays, weddings, special occasions & more



  •  Dozen (No filling):         $ 28.00                 

  • Dozen (With filling) :     $31.00                


After the 1st dozen:

$1.75/ea. additional cupcake of regular size of the same flavor, ($2.90/ea. if filled); or $2.60/ea. additional cupcake of jumbo size of the same flavor, ($3.20/ea. if filled). For more than one flavor, add $0.35 per regular size cupcake, or $0.45 per jumbo size cupcake.

Cupcakes flavors:

White - Almond - Lemon - Orange - Strawberry - Chocolate -

Vanilla- White Chocolate -Bananas - Carrots


Cupcakes Frosting Flavors, (butter cream or cream cheese):

Vanilla - Dulce de Leche - Strawberry - Chocolate - White Chocolate - Cookies and cream – Lemon - Mocha - Almond - Raspberry –

White Chocolate/Raspberry -  Orange


Simple Royal Glazed decorations:    $0.30/ ea.              

Simple Fondant decorations:        $0.50/ea.    


Custom-decorated Cupcakes, with different motives or colorings, can be done for a price that will be based on the quantity of Cupcakes, and amount of labor required to make them.


Just Ask Valeria!


Placing an Order:

Delicious, simple and beautiful designs can be ordered as a week in advance; for cupcakes or pop cakes that will require a topper/s, at least 10 days in advance.


A non-refundable deposit of the 50% of the value of the cake is required not later than a week prior to the date of the order, and a 100% deposit is required, if the order is made within 10 days of the event.



For orders over $100.00, a contract will be sign between the parties.


Just Call Valeria to discuss your ideas at 651 – 925 - 7784.


We deliver for a fee of $1.95/mile from our location to yours.

CC welcome, but an additional 3.5% will be added to the total of your order.

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