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Celebration Cakes Menu 

birthdays, weddings, special occasions & more

Cakes Flavors:

Vanilla - Almond - Lemon - Orange - Strawberry - Red Velvet - Chocolate –Marble – Carrots


Filling Flavors:

Dulce de Leche - Strawberry - Chocolate - White Chocolate - Lemon – vanilla – Orange - Almond – White Chocolate/Raspberry - Blueberries -  Raspberry -  Chocolate Mocha – Chocolate Mint – Peanut Butter


Fruit Filling Flavors:

Strawberry – Peaches – Raspberry – Blueberry – Banana – Apple


Celebration Cakes Pricing:

Valeria’s delicious custom-designed cakes are prepared with the best quality products available in the market. The cost per serving is $3.25 with up to 2 layers of filling of the same flavor, or an additional $0.40 for each different flavor/s; or each additional layers. An additional $0.50 per servings for Fruit Fillings.

All the above prices are for buttercream or fondant cakes with a simple decoration. Cakes may be subject to a decoration fee, depending on the complexity of the decoration, the fee will be based, on the amount of time and structural materials required to recreate your dreamed cake.

Add-Ons: Like cake toppers, flowers, figurines, signs, are charge separately, consult Valeria for pricing.


Placing an Order:

Delicious, simple and beautiful designs can be ordered as soon as 48 hours in advance; but for more intricate decorations and designs will require at least 10 days in advance notice.

A non-refundable deposit of the 50% of the value of the cake is required not later than a week prior to the date of the order and a 100% deposit required if order’s made within a week of the event.



For orders over $100.00, a contract will be sign between the parties.


Just Call Valeria to discuss your ideas at 651 – 925 - 7784.


  • We deliver for a fee of $1.95/mile from our location to yours.

  • If mounting is needed, the per mile rate is waved and a fee to deliver and mount the cake will be charged, from $50 to $130 depending on distance to the site, and the complexity and labor required to mount the cake.

  • For payments with CC, add a 3.5% to the total of your order.

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